Friday, July 18, 2008


I have to keep reminding myself that "Sonic the Hedgehog" will still be there in the morning....

1. Maudlin - "Dancecaster" (listen here)
I wasn't lying when I said this could easily be your new favorite band, as the boy/girl vocals of David and Priscilla Priebe are probably the best I've heard since the inspiration for them: the Pixies' Black Francis and Kim Deal.

2. Splitsville - "Forever"
This effectively accomplishes the "Up with music!" goal of every Polyphonic Spree album.

3. Beck - "Modern Guilt"
Am I getting so old that I prefer the musicians I grew up with to be more dependable than visionary? Not really, but Beck is certainly starting to fit that mold, and that open question was, more or less, my way of coming to terms with his situation. The new album's great, but by no means groundbreaking or innovative.

4. Phish - "Talk"
You're right, I am well on my way to becoming a dirty, stinkin' hippy -- and I love it!

5. The Wrens - "Surprise, Honeycomb"
Some newer fans of the Wrens like to s*** on the group's glorious back catalogue, and that's just sad.

6. The Dead Trees - "Shelter" (Daytrotter session MP3s)
At the Fetus' price of $2.99 -- new -- for this group's magnificent new EP, there should be no reason you don't own it. It's just glorious, glorious music; in fact, it reminds me of the time I was introduced to the band Roy in a Sioux Falls record store. My life and outlook on the music scene at large will never be the same having heard and enjoyed the Dead Trees.

7. Liz Phair - "Flower"
One of the most notorious alt-rock songs of the '90s ... I was actually kind of surprised it was a good song.

8. Sims - "Key Grip (FAX)"
Something to keep me occupied until the Doomtree (official) debut drops July 29.

9. M.Anifest - "Babylon Breakdown"
This one wouldn't sound out of place at the Zorbaz pizzeria in DL <- aka the place I discovered the tragically underrated PBR.
10. Big Quarters - "August"
Uh ... did he just make a rhyme out of Wellstone's heartbreaking plane crash?

11. Bob Dylan - "Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)" [Mark Ronson Re-Version]
Who cares if this is blatantly the spiritual successor to Junkie XL's remix of Elvis' "A Little Less Conversation"? They both turned out lovely.

12. Ol' Yeller - "The Universe"
And another gem from the "North Country."

13. Camera - "Bump Into Beats"
Heard this on Walt's show -- one of the most unoriginal band names, but pretty catchy (and slightly in the key of the B-52's, yay!) nonetheless.

14. Blueline Medic - "Over the Lawn" (DL "Up Against the Fault" here)
While Fueled by Ramen's roster definitely took a divebomb of late, groups like the Impossibles, the Stereo, the aforementioned Roy and, of course, Blueline Medic will always remind me of the good ol' days.

15. Traffic - "Heaven is in Your Mind"
Every couple months this gem from way back floats into my daydreams, thus forcing me to plead for this nation of millions to love it as much as I do.

16. Death Cab for Cutie - "Death of an Interior Decorator"
I must say, classic awesome mix tape material.

17. Submerge - "If the Shoe Fits"
In case I haven't already told you a million times, this group from Virginia features none other than Matt and Tony from Motion City Soundtrack. I am, of course, forever grateful to Matt, both for the recent interview in the Budgeteer and mailing me out a copy of Submerge's excellent disc, "East, Meet West." (Released on Actiondriver Records, in case you are interested in seeking it out -- which is something I highly recommend you do ASAP.)

18. Mountain - "Don't Look Around"
Soon to be heard in the Seth Rogen/James Franco -- "Freaks and Geeks" alumni together again, yay! -- blockbuster "Pineapple Express." Killer ... nay, supersweet.

19. Karate Bike - "Death to Our Enemies"
Indie rock for all the small towns. (Take that as you will, I guess....)

20. The Soviet Machines - "Call You Out"
Speaking of Walt's show earlier, this barnstormer* seems almost tailor-made for late-night KUWS. Rock on, scubatron. *I know, no one uses language like this anymore -- isn't it great?!

21. Ryan Adams - "Boys"
This song just makes me want to drive. Fast. Windows down. The missus by my side. (I know, I'm weird: I actually like my wife!)

22. Filter - "Kill the Day"
The perfect summer song?

23. Gus Black - "Certain Kind of Light"
Man, I feel so stupid; I just realized this is the same guy who used to record as plain ol' "Gus." His 1999 album, "Word of Mouth Parade," produced one of that year's most touching tracks: "Floodlights."

24. Bone Appetit - "Wrecking Yourself"
I know this group isn't known for its ballads, but "Wrecking Yourself" rides one gracious melody.

Thus concludes your fourteenth dose of SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES, another awesome mix tape if I ever did hear one.

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