Friday, January 11, 2008

This Week's Shameless Budgeteer Plug: Red Rabbit, Donny Bar Sinister, the Wuchters, PoaDM, I, Colossus, We Are Wolves and lots o' accordions

See you at the Josh Harty show tonight!

"Ness Takes Office"
-- Pretty much just a picture of Donny in his new (almost completely bare) office.

"Bridget Riversmith's Amazing Journey" -- How one Duluth artist went from working at Goodwill to exhibiting in NYC.

"Discover Duluth: A World of Accordions Museum" -- Looking at Superior’s Harrington Arts Center, you’d never guess that an amazing accordion museum was hiding in its basement. (An outtake is above.)

"Sermons for Every Season" -- The teachings of late First Lutheran pastor Michael D. Wuchter live on in posthumous collections curated by his wife, Shirley.

"CD Reviews: New Albums from Portrait of a Drowned Man, I, Colossus and We Are Wolves" -- Reviewed this week: self-titled debuts from Duluth's Portrait of a Drowned Man and Minneapolis' I, Colossus and "Total Magique," the sophomore set from Canadian rockers We Are Wolves.

"Change of the Guard"
-- A standalone photo of outgoing mayor Herb Bergson with his granddaughter, Hannah Marie, at Monday evening's State of the City address.

Finally, the "Where in the Northland is (Me)?" contest series continued with ... here's a clue: I once made a really horrible crack about the quality of the water in this place. (I'm sorry, [REMOVED]!)

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