Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Don't Tell a Soul, Vol. 65: I like rock, but you give me the blues

Submitted for the approval of the Twin Ports Awesome Mix Tape Appreciation Society, the latest installment of "Don't Tell a Soul."

As always, to encourage the consumption of music that doesn't suck, I have provided -- wherever available -- links to free, artist-sanctioned MP3s of the songs.

Who do you ride for?

(Questions? Comments? Want one of your band's songs to be considered for an upcoming awesome mix tape? E-mail mperrine [at] duluthbudgeteer [dot] com.)


1. The Wannadies feat. Petter - "Piss on You" (alt. vers.)
"I like rock / But you give me the blues" ... I don't know; something about this song (except for the added-in raps from Petter, of course) just jives with this mix tape's "cover art." (Taken at Superior's A World of Accordions Museum, in case you were wondering.)

2. No Wait Wait - "Faith and Words" (other MP3s here)
Marc Gartman is a grossly underrated indie rock god, and Duluth is all the better for "snagging" him from NYC. For fun -- you know, easy, breezy fun -- check out my interview with him (about his Park Point music festival) and my reviews of the Gallows' debut and the first one from Two Many Banjos. (p.s. Here's to him releasing the third, finished No Wait Wait album!)

3. Pavement - "Rattled by the Rush"
How come these guys didn't sell more records? This is some catchy shit.

4. Black Kids - "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You"
Since the only band most of us can name from Jacksonville is Yellowcard, it is with great pleasure that I announce the hottest group to come out of that city -- "hot" on a scale of Tapes 'n Tapes, to boot!

5. Dialogue from "Clerks" - "Jay's Chant"
If you're familiar with this track's subject matter, you'll know it fits in nicely with ...

6. Atmosphere - "Peyote" (free download of "Strictly Leakage" album here)
though this one's apparently about a stripper. Slug, you dog!

7. M.I.A. - "Paper Planes" (cool videos here)
A million thanks to KUWS's superstar DJ, Walt Dizzo, for introducing me to this* Clash-sampling masterpiece.

8. Dr. Dog - "The World May Never Know" (other MP3s here)
While I'm dishing out the credit (which is much deserved, to be sure), I'd have to thank the Electric Fetus for offering up one of this group's 7" singles for 50 cents. I probably wouldn't have heard them until ... Walt played them on his show or something.

9. Led Zeppelin - "Night Flight"
That's right; Don't Tell a Soul is your source for deep album cuts from the greats. (Sorry, I just love pretending I work for a classic rock station....)

10. Son Volt - "Straightface"
Jay Farrar is pretty badass for an Americana dude.

11. John Davis - "Nothing Gets Me Down" (Superdrag's Daytrotter session)
Blah blah blah Superdrag frontman kicks a lot of ass without his old cronies blah blah blah. Same old song and dance.

12. Tunng - "It's Because ... We've Got Hair" (lots o' MP3s here)
Sweet, subtle folktronica in the key of early Beta Band. Anyway, it's far more rewarding than anything King Biscuit Time put out.

13. Enon - "Natural Disasters"
As weird as this sounds, had the Pixies never existed, these guys would've been the Pixies. (Confused yet?)

14. Battles - "IPT2"
Everybody needs a little math rock in their diets, don't you think?

15. D Generation - "Helpless"
A smash hit if I ever did hear one. For fans of Rancid's poppier sides.

16. The Who - "Cousin Kevin Model Child"
It's hard to believe this was actually cut from "Tommy" -- it's fucking brilliant!

17. Hot Hot Heat - "Island of the Honest Man"
If you can ignore this track's annoying "hyper-hypo" vocal intro, you're in for one hell of a power pop treat.

18. N*E*R*D feat. Clipse - "Loser"
Hands down best use of table tennis sounds in a song. Ever. (And they're used a lot.)

19. Semi.Official - "Grey" (listen to some tracks here)
I Self Devine's 2005 album "Self Destruction" is great -- it really is -- but this track, thanks to DJ Abilities' keen senses, almost tops all the classics on that one.

20. Oddjobs, Typical Cats and Heiruspecs - "Time Flies" (live)
The live album these three groups put out was extremely hit or miss, but this track, especially its triumphant closing, is worth seeking out.

21. The London Suede - "Bored" (listen to tons of samples here)
I don't get this band. One minute they're rockin' (this one), but, most times, they really aren't.

22. Ween - "Learnin' to Love" (listen here)
If you liked "12 Golden Country Greats" (who didn't?), you're sure to ... already own this one.

23. The Raveonettes - "Dead Sound" (free download of "Aly, Walk with Me" here)
I didn't think these Danish fellows (well, guy and his extremely beautiful cohort) would last long enough to produce four albums, but they did; and they've just kept on impressing musically as well.

24. They Might Be Giants - "We're the Replacements" (full stream of "Venue Songs" here)
Funny, funny, funny: "Hey, where's Tommy? Someone find Tommy."

25. The Pooh Sticks - "Susan Sleepwalking"
Gee, I wonder why these guys fell off the face of the Earth. (Kind of like what happened to my buddies in Gay Dad....) Too bad ... I mean, just look at this photo.

26. Swimmer - "Dirtyword"
Wait ... what? Is this chick rock? *Some regret here.*

27. Heavy Vegetable - "St. Livingston" (free MP3 of "I Hate You, Rob Crow" here)
All hail Rob Crow. Seriously.

28. The Surfactants - "The One, The Wayward"
Hey, it's a Surfactants' feature!

*And Black Kids and Enon and Battles, funkmeister "Sticks" and Gogol Bordello, which I thought was *ahem* a death metal band. (ha!)

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