Friday, December 7, 2007

This Week's Shameless Budgeteer Plug: Discover Duluth 'investigates' downtown blizzard fun and another contest starring ... me!

Yep, so I guess blogging is all I do on my days off.... Anywho, here are some great reads (and "sees") for y'all:

"Discover Duluth: Downtown Blizzard Fun"
-- Just like the headline says, me and my camera (a match made in heaven?) toured downtown during the Tuesday blizzard's "warming-up" period. (Some photos from that session were also used with freelancer Robert Lillegard's story "Snow Smarts: A Winter Weather Refresher.")

Speaking of freelancers, I also contributed some bits and pieces to Diana Blom's "Say No to Lead: Great Local Gift Ideas for Children." (If you've followed my "career," but can probably just about pinpoint where I left my mark.)

On that subject, here are some links to stories I did on local products that would make superb stocking stuffers for you and yours: "Duluth's Music Community Bands Together for Baby Pearl" and "'B' is for Brian Barber, Illustrator Extraordinaire" -- and, since we're here and all, it's about high time I remind you that Barber's Pizza Luce art show opens Thursday. (More info here.)

And, finally, the third installment of the "Where in the Northland is Matt Perrine?" contest is online now. (Bonus fourth clue -- which couldn't possibly help you in the slightest: Referring to it as "make-out city" significantly reduces your chances of being invited back....)

(Today's "poster" is an outtake from the "Where in the Northland is Matt Perrine?" contest. If you can't tell, I was actually playing* with a spider on the old Interstate Bridge when this photo was taken ... yikes!)

*In reality: Trying not to run away screaming like a little girl.

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