Friday, December 7, 2007

ELEVATION: Zac from the Surfactants talks about the Rock for the Tots benefit

In case you haven't already heard, is sponsoring a terrific benefit Saturday, Dec. 15, at R.T. Quinlan's (downtown Duluth).

The event, allusively dubbed "Rock for the Tots," will feature such hard-charging acts as the Surfactants, Autotoxin, Professor Hefner and Jealous Jester. (Secure entrance by shelling out five bucks or ... by doing the best thing and donating a new toy for a child in need.)

To shed a little more light on this worthy cause, we here at Fly High, Duluth! (OK, just me...) harassed the Surfactants' Zac Bentz until he gave in and answered a few questions:

Fly High, Duluth!: When was the second album (untitled, like its predecessor) released?

Zac Bentz: The unofficial CD release for the second album was at our Red Lion show July 14. Right now it's still only available on our site, but it should be in stores very soon.

Was it recorded like the first one, with everyone contributing their respective parts from their own homes?

Yep. I did some recording with Eric (Anderson) and Marcus (Matthews) a couple times, but for the most part everything was recorded by each member in their own homes. I then gathered all the files via the Web and did all the mixing and editing myself.

How did you guys get involved with the Rock for the Tots benefit? Are you friends with Craig Rhode/the people?

Yeah, we've known the LocalM people for a while, and got to know them a bit better at last year's Homegrown. They've been a huge supporter of us, which is pretty amazing. They just came to us with the date and we jumped at the chance.

What do you think of the three other groups on the bill? Have you played with them before?

We've played with Professor Hefner before, but Autotoxin and Jealous Jester are both new to us. Judging from their MySpace stuff, I think we're all in for a very interesting night.

Finally, this may be a stupid question, but what kind of presents would you be hoping for if you were a kid these days?

Video games. There really doesn't seem to be any quality to the regular toys that are out there. Even the new Star Wars figures are all rad and boring. I think a Nintendo DS and a few games would be the best thing to get. Probably because I have one myself! Give it to the kid during the day, then sneak in some gameplay yourself after they go to bed.

(Image stolen from the Surfactants' Web site,

COMING JANUARY 2008: A full-on Surfactants feature in the pages of your trusty Duluth Budgeteer News!

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