Friday, November 16, 2007

This Week's Shameless Budgeteer Plug: Beer, organs, killer seagulls and Eyedea & Abilities!

Strange combo, eh?

Nevertheless, before heading out to Cinema Lounge tonight at the Tech Village, give these beasts a shot:

"Spitfire: An Intimate Conversation with Eyedea" -- The E&A crew is back with a new tour, "Appetite for Distraction," and it's coming to Duluth!

"Please Read Responsibly: Doug Hoverson's 'Land of Amber Waters'" -- Think you can't learn anything from books anymore? Try this one on for size: Olde English was originally brewed in Duluth ... how's that for a bombshell?

"Bringing People Together with (Organ) Music" -- It's like "Guitar Hero" but with a lot more keys....

And, finally, an outtake from a recent photo shoot: "The Birds III: Canal Park Feeding Frenzy" (aka "When Seagulls Attack!"). (Do you appreciate the silliness as much as I do ... do ya?)

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