Friday, November 9, 2007

This Week's Shameless Budgeteer Plug: Billings Park, CD reviews, Sunrise Survivors and ... GO, C-I, GO!

Remember: Sunday is Veterans' Day.

Until then, munch on these words, fellers:

"Dan Jandl: From the Land of Ice and Snow" -- Danny's a photographer from Crosby, Minn.; and he's kind of amazing. (I'm just tryin' to put it down for my hometown....)

"CD Reviews: New Releases from Neal Peterson, Mac Lethal and Cliff Eberhardt" -- "Yay" on Mac and Cliff. Neal still has some work to do before he receives that coveted accolade.

"Discover Duluth: Billings Park" -- True to that "in and around the region" clause in my contract, this weekend's installment of "Discover Duluth" actually comes from *ahem* Duluth's southernmost neighborhood.

Also, I had the opportunity to snap a few shots for Jana's story about the Sunrise Survivors, "Conversation, Coffee and Comfort," which was a lot of fun.

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