Thursday, July 14, 2011


Submitted for the approval of the Mix Tape Appreciation Society, here lies "With the Church Window Transoms Open," another sweet compilation curated by Matthew R. Perrine. Per usual, enjoy this and all coming editions at maximum volume.

1. Built to Spill - "Center of the Universe" / 2. Les Savy Fav - "Who Rocks the Party"
This duo kicked off all my radio "programmes" in college. NDSU of yore, consider your fine faces rocked off indefinitely.

3. Atmosphere - "Hair"
"See, bands like us don't get groupies...."

4. Beastie Boys - "Make Some Noise"

5. The Dears - "Blood"
I like these guys quite a bit, but I recently realized I know exactly nothing about them. So ... let's remedy that: The Dears hail from Montreal. They consider themselves an "art rock band." They don't play a lot of shows. And, finally, at one point in their career, NME dubbed them "probably the best new band in the world." Not too shabby.

6. Bon Iver - "Holocene"
For once, you can believe all the hype. (By the way, it's still crazy to think that Justin Vernon lives just up the highway in Eau Claire.)

7. Big Boi - "Tangerine"
As weird as it sounds, one of my favorite memories is traveling (during my NDSU radio days, actually) to Spokane, Wash., via Amtrak and listening to OutKast's "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below" just about the whole way there. Needless to say, it's nice to hear at least one of the group's members back at the top of his game.

8. Psalm One feat. Longshot - "Lemme Know"
Can't get enough of this Chicago MC. (As you can probably tell....)

9. Damone - "Up to You"
Did I mention I'm a girl? ha ha ha

10. High Speed Scene - "Assingear"
Fargo. Rock. City.

11. The Danburrys - "Thumbs Up (aka Heads Down Thumbs Up)"
Before the great Drew Danburry went it alone, he was in this Weezer-riffic rock group. So exhilarating!

12. Decibully - "Tables Turn"
A novel masquerading as a song.

13. The Impossibles - "Decompression/Debilitation"
Decompression is ... making copious amounts of awesome mix tapes. (Surprise!)

14. Spoon - "Change My Life"
It's funny how many moments can be packed into a span of just a couple weeks.

15. Soul Asylum - "99%"
Last week we Soul Asylum devotees got some pretty good news: The band is working on a new album -- its first since 2006. It's tentatively titled "Rough Air," according to the fine folks at SPIN.

16. The Get Up Kids - "Rememorable"
Various words that come to mind here: brash, fun, angular and -- oh, I don't know -- unfatigable, perhaps?

17. Everclear - "Summerland"
I've always taken this song's lyrics to heart: "Just a name on the map / Sounds like heaven to me." (For just one example: the unrivaled McGregor, Iowa.)

18. Django Reinhardt - "Daphne"
Lighthearted to a fault. Just try not to smile.

19. Red Hot Chili Peppers - "I Found Out" (John Lennon cover)
Before I knew much about the world, I leaned on my favorite currents to teach me about the legends who inspired them.

20. Dan Hutt Field Recordings - "Misunderstanding"
George Harrison would be proud. (As would his indie-leaning "brood.")

21. Ozzy Osbourne - "No More Tears" (edit)
For the record, the contents of this song have nothing to do whatsoever with my personal life. I just thought I should clarify that before I get any more motherly advice re: "chinning up."

22. Eddie Vedder - "Longing to Belong"
This was written from a vulnerable place. #understatementofthelastthreemonths


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