Tuesday, July 12, 2011

couleehighharmony4 :: TELL US ABOUT IT, JANET

Submitted for the approval of the Mix Tape Appreciation Society, here lies "Tell Us About It, Janet," another sweet compilation curated by Matthew R. Perrine. Per usual, enjoy this and all coming editions at maximum volume.

1. The Smith Westerns - "Weekend"
What a sweet sentiment: "Weekends are never fun unless you're around here too."

2. Les Savy Fav - "Let's Get Out of Here" [FREE MP3]
Truer words have never been spoken.

3. Florence + the Machine - "Dog Days are Over"

4. Blind Melon - "Three is a Magic Number" ("School House Rocks" cover)
As long as no one is referred to as a "guest."

5. Lazerbeak - "Wild Life"
For fans of the Plastic Constellations, Doomtree, the Beta Band, not flying on the ground.

6. Supergrass - "Never Done Nothing Like That Before"
But I guess that's what they call _____________. (Please, friend, help a Matt out and send in your suggestions!)

7. Fountains of Wayne - "I've Got a Flair"
"... for pulling your hair and making your crazy / Yeah, it's something I do well."

8. Arrested Development - "Mama's Always on Stage"
As heard in "xx/xy," one of my all-time favorite films.

9. Tim Curry - "Sweet Transvestite" ("The Rocky Horror Picture Show" vers.)
"... If you want something visual / That's not too abysmal / We could take in an old Steve Reeves movie."

10. Lemon Jelly - "'79 aka The Shouty Track"
A long-time staple of these here awesome mix tapes. If you don't know it by now, you got some downloadin' to do. (Yep, just wrote it like that.... ha ha)

11. Psalm One feat. Casual - "Bitin' and Freakin'"
Well, the title kind of says it all....

12. The Pixies - "Trompe le Monde"
Intoxicating lyrics abound: "Why do cupids and angels continually haunt her dreams?"

13. The Wrens - "Still Complaining"

14. Beck - "Broken Train"
"Midnite Vultures" = the gift that keeps on giving.

15. Led Zeppelin - "That's the Way"
All things must pass, I get that, but why does this song have to be so utterly heartbreaking and final?

16. Nada Surf - "I Like What You Say"
... But do the people of Iowa?

17. Cursive - "The Recluse"
Me, pre-Bodega.

18. Middle Brother - "Blue Eyes"
The definition of a perfect day: me, a rusted-out pickup, a dusty-as-f--- "blue road" and this song. No joke.

19. Bright Eyes - "Shell Games"
Oh, my sweet Chippewa Falls, how I miss thee (at least when I hear this).

Follows the Ash hit formula to a T. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

21. Cars & Trucks - "Too Bad So Sad"

22. Dawes - "Time Spent in Los Angeles"
What, pray tell, is "that special kind of sadness"? On second thought, I know exactly what Dawes speaks of. (Not somewhere you wish to return to.)

23. The Chemical Brothers feat. Hope Sandoval - "Asleep from Day"
I've always felt that Chemical Brothers compositions are too epic for words, so


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