Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Musicians in Duluth: Participate in 'Winter Rounds' at Beaner's

WINTER ROUNDS * A Singer Songwriter Showcase
Hosted by Patti Ryan and Jason Wussow
4 Months * 4 Topics * 4 Singer Songwriters per Showcase
Calling all singer songwriters* We’d like you to submit to perform at the Winter Rounds Showcase. On the first Friday of each month, 4 artists will gather at Beaner’s Central to perform two original songs each, on a particular topic. You can perform songs you’ve already written or perhaps will be inspired to write a couple of fresh songs for the event. Each song should be no longer than 5 minutes long. This will allow time for discussion, which your audience and peers will be encouraged to participate in. The last 60 minutes of the evening will be dedicated to a headlining/mentor artist. Please submit a short statement on your songwriting process and tell us how and when you started writing. Also include why this opportunity would be meaningful to you and which month/topic you are interested in. Open to ALL singer songwriters. First time performers encouraged to submit. Send submissions to Patti Ryan at: inukshukpass@gmail.com
January Seventh**Starting Over February Fourth**Heritage/Roots
March Fourth**Tenacity/Strength April First**Challenge and Redemption

*Don’t be afraid to write songs…there ARE no stupid songs*

Source: Patti Ryan

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