Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mix Tape Appreciation Society No. 8 :: GREMLINS IN THE MACHINE

Here lies a mix tape. Enjoy it in the evening-time. 

(Note: As I've been sitting on this one for a couple months now, this will be the last awesome mix tape in this particular awesome-mix-tape series. I'm going to get a fresh start in 2011 and return to the Fly High, Duluth! series, which was always so fruitful for me.)

1. Ultimate Fakebook - "Inside Me, Inside You" (Rock Mix)

7. Shad - "Keep Shining"

9. The Killers - "Who Let You Go?"

11. Holy Sons - "Slow Days"

12. Junior League Band - "Good Lord"

13. These United States - "The Great Rivers"

14. Dios (Malos) - "Feels Good Being Somebody" (Live at Spaceland)

15. The Raveonettes - "Dead Sound"

16. The Grouch & Eligh feat. Gift of Gab and Pigeon John - "All In"

17. K.Flay - "So Fast, So Maybe"

18. Apache, The - "James Coburn or Samantha Morton (1833)"

19. Belle and Sebastian - "Write About Love"

20. Yo La Tengo - "Tom Courtenay" (acoustic vers.)

21. The Appleseed Cast - "Here We Are (Family in the Hallways)"

22. Amanda Blank - "Might Like You Better"

23. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross - "Pieces Form the Whole"

24. Cloud Cult - "Today We Give Ourselves to the Fire"

Even though he hasn't had a regular radio gig since he was the program manager at Thunder Web Radio (now KDSU) in Fargo, Budgeteer editor Matthew R. Perrine likes to make mix tapes like he's going to play them on the air someday. This here Mix Tape Appreciation Society is a continuation of SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES, the awesome mix tape series formerly known as "Don't Tell a Soul." Enjoy!

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