Sunday, April 18, 2010


Submitted for the approval of the Mix Tape Appreciation Society, I humbly present ... "I Know My First Name is Matthew":

1. Future Antiques - "Relapse" [LISTEN HERE]

Rift Magazine said: "I surprised myself a bit, halfway into the second song of this CD, I really started digging it. Something about the counter melodies spinning in the background which really stand out and make the music really interesting." So I said: "I'll do Rift one better -- at the beginning of the FIRST song, 'Relapse,' I realized this was an album I'd immediately want to go tell everyone about."

2. Beck - "Bonfire Blondes"
I love Beck, I really do, but why did he keep his best material off  "Modern Guilt"?

3. The Impossibles - "Widowmaker" ("Back for the Attack" EP vers.)
I love this lyric: "My heart was in the right place / At the wrong time again." (Download a free MP3 of this song's original version here.)

4. System of a Down - "This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm on This Song"
... And this Ian's Pizza makes me feel like I own the Midwest/shouldn't regret anything that happened on State Street!

I don't mind M.I.A. leaning on high-priced studio trickery from time to time, but it's quite interesting to hear her talents in front of a more-organic wall of sound.

6. Ray the Wolf - "Superior Crimes"
This enthralling/wholly unnerving track from Equal Xchange's Rain Elfvin (aka "Ray the Wolf") features a number of Superior-originating crimes, including, most notoriously, the guy who had sex with a dead deer. ("Yikes!" is right....)

"So Beak and I are working like crazy. Been that way, and we’re not gonna stop," Sims writes on "So here’s a little manifesto track for you, just a little snack until we serve up our record. You might recognize the beat."

While I missed their recent performance in Duluth, I still consider these ex-Format guys to be some of my favorite musicians on the planet. And this live track, from a Record Store Day release, is utterly beautiful.

9. Deaf School - "What a Way to End it All"
Their fellow Liverpudlians in the Beatles never approached the usually taboo subject of suicide so cheerfully, now did they?

10. Ween - "The F----- Jam"
Because sometimes that's just how you feel. (This song is actually an instrumental, by the way.)

11. Lifter Puller - "The Candy Machine and My Girlfriend"
Can you imagine a world without Craig Finn's story-songs? Not rad at all.

12. The Young Fresh Fellows - "Mad John's Escape" (Donovan cover)
I've known about these guys for ages (primarily because of Scott McCaughey's connections to R.E.M. and the Minus 5), but this single track is making me question myself: Why don't I own more Young Fresh Fellows records?

13. Leo Sayer - "Long Tall Glasses (I Can Dance)"
Knowing how much I adore the Scissor Sisters, this song being featured here was really quite inevitable.

Back together for Homegrown, and it's gonna feel so good!

15. Rilo Kiley - "Portions for Foxes"
Wow, holy crap, I never realized Rilo Kiley's lead singer was the same Jenny Lewis who starred opposite Fred Savage in "The Wizard." Totally random.

I know it goes without saying, but ... David Bazan, you're the man. (p.s. Did anyone else pick up a copy of "Live at Electrical Audio" on Record Store Day? Good stuff.)

17. Big Star - "The India Song"
My cheeks are red for how belated this has become, but it's sincere to the fullest extent: Alex Chilton forever changed my outlook on life when I was introduced to the sounds of Big Star in high school by my friend Briana (of Best Friends Forever fame). Rest in peace, William Alexander.

18. Brett Dennen - "Closer to You"
This guy's going to be playing Red Rocks soon with Spearhead = I want to go to there. (I found this image on Brett's blog. What a fancy approach to the fabled set list!)

19. The Mages - "Don't Let that Hammer Fall on Me"
If you like what you hear (and I'm sure you will), this Minneapolis outfit will be playing a free show July 23 at Fitger's Brewhouse.

20. Pete Bernhard - "Warning"
Having already professed my love for the Devil Makes Three in one of the Budgeteer's "Song of the Week" features (I fell in love after they opened up for Trampled by Turtles at Madison's High Noon Saloon), I thought I'd shine the spotlight on the group's extremely talented frontman, whose solo hit featured here is simply unbeatable.

21. Rooney - "I Don't Wanna Lose You" [FREE MP3]

22. Mates of State - "Laura" (Girls cover) [FREE MP3]
This one too!








In case you're unfamiliar with Doomtree's Dessa, she is the epitome of the "you've got the voice of an angel" come-on.

24. The Replacements - "Back to Back"
From the album that inspired this and the 3,000 other "Don't Tell a Soul" mix tapes of mine.

Thus concludes your seventieth dose of SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES, the awesome mix tape series formerly known as "Don't Tell a Soul."


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