Friday, March 26, 2010


Submitted for the approval of the Mix Tape Appreciation Society, I humbly present ... "Death by Misadventure":

1. Foxy Shazam - "Oh Lord"

Foxy Shazam - Oh Lord! from Jeremy E. Jackson on Vimeo.

I don't catch a lot of music videos these days, but I stumbled upon this instant classic while trying to find a way to get this song on Facebook -- so, yes, a must-hear and a must-see! For fans of flamboyant, over-the-top rock (a la Scissor Sisters, the Darkness, Andrew W.K.).

2. Marching Band - "Another Day"
From my track-by-track preview of "Pop Cycle": "With an intro as intriguing and grandiose as those penned by Pete Townshend in and around “Quadrophenia,” this track (and, subsequently,album) was already off to a good start when the song really got going: Wow. You could have nearly knocked me over with a feather. This is sincerely album-of-the-year material. No joke."

3. Ryan Van Slooten - "Across the Line"
When this local god (of Bone Appétit, the SuperTacks and Rock Brigade fame) graciously accepted the Budgeteer's invitation to do a track-by-track commentary about his recently released solo album "All But My Soul," this is what he said to say about this one: "This song is about the awkward things about yourself that you’re maybe afraid to reveal to someone, for fear they might not take it the way you want them to. At the same time, though, it’s about being true to yourself and not being afraid to show who you really are to someone."

4. Happy Birthday - "Girls FM"
This irresistible track is a great companion piece to the fourth installment of my Song of the Week feature, which was Happy Birthday's somewhat-morose "Subliminal Message." (Listen here.)

5. The Electric Soft Parade - "Cold World"
I'm speechless. This is just terrific music.

After you download this delicious song, check out what Lifter Puller/Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn had to say about this early-career highlight (which Atmosphere famously referenced on "Reflections"): "An ode to foam dancing. I saw it on television and they were implying that the foam on the dance floor was a popular place for people to have anonymous sexual experiences. I liked the concept; the way something dirty was surrounded by soap suds. The line, "You're kissing like you already came" was quoted by Slug on the new Atmosphere record, and I just saw 1000 kids scream it at the top of their lungs at Irving Plaza in NYC last week.." [Source: Cloak and Dagger Media]

7. Acrassicauda - "Message from Baghdad"
It's been a couple years since this war-ravaged Iraqi metal band received international media attention (and, subsequently, won over our hearts), but ... they're back. And even more early-White Zombie-reminiscent than ever!

Speaking of the hard and the heavy, have you seen the "Sarah Silverman Program" in which "diehard" metalhead Brian Posehn walks around town jamming to the Spin Doctors' "Two Princes." Pure TV gold. (Watch it below.)

The Sarah Silverman ProgramThursday, 12am / 11c
Spin Doctors
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8. Dessa - "Matches to Paper Dolls"
From Dessa's recently released solo album "A Badly Broken Code," which *please pardon my self-plagiarization* finds the Doomtree goddess "running down a ramped-up expressway to fortune and fame."

9. MGMT - "Flash Delirium"
It's no "Time to Pretend," but it's quickly growing on me. Rather quickly, if you must know.

Have you ever heard ska punk's equivalent of a waking nightmare? Oh, wait, now you can download it for free.

Like the much-celebrated, 2 Pac and Dr. Dre-sampling "Da Cali Anthem," here's another bass-heavy triumph from the world's foremost purveyor of "dubstep."

12. Genius/GZA feat. Santi White - "Stay in Line"
When I selected this track for this mix tape, I had no idea that Santi White is actually Santigold (otherwise known as "Santogold" earlier on), who's been featured on this blog a number of times. I love the randomness of the music biz.

13. Bob Dylan - "Like a Rolling Stone" [Mixed by the Avalanches]
From the way-expensive and possibly illegal (though totally worth it) import live album "When I Met You."

From Music for Action's free "Best of Bonnaroo" compilation, which also features Pearl Jam, My Morning Jacket, Wilco and other groups we all keep close to our hearts. Anyway, just go to this Web site, pledge to take action about climate change (by letting your state's senators know what's up) and download the album.

15. Dr. Dog - "Shadow People"
Somewhat reminiscent of the Flaming Lips' horrendously overlooked masterpiece "Clouds Taste Metallic," which has always been one of my favorite pieces of recorded sound. Check it out. (And these guys as well, of course.)

16. The Burning Hotels - "French Heart Attack"
Like Sub Pop's Happy Birthday and Mad Decent's Rusko, this is another worthwhile indie group and/or individual featured on my Song of the Week series (it was the explosive "Austin's Birthday," in case you missed it). Anyway, if you're a big fan of the Strokes, it's pretty safe to say you'll soon be purchasing a couple-sizes-too-small Burning Hotels T from Hot Topic any day now.

17. The Whigs - "Kill Me Carolyne"
Kind of wish Kings of Leon were less overexposed? Take the Whigs for a spin. It's not the same, but, hey, that'd just be boring.

My friend's response to this: "I don't think I like this." And she's a huge supporter of Slug and everything RSE, so ... proceed with caution, I guess.

19. Felix da Housecat - "Radio" [Remixed by Shinichi Osawa]
An update/answer to the last mix tape's query about Star Casino: Turns out that group was a sporadic collaboration between Shinichi Osawa (Mondo Grosso) and Yusuke Chiba (Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, Rosso, The Birthday) -- so, definitely no relation to Les Savy Fav or its ever-entertaining frontman.

Either way, my research has led me down a path of vast rewards: It turns out Mr. Osawa is one of the most exciting musicmakers on the planet. Just take a listen to this remix above and you'll believe what I'm saying.

20. Stereophonics - "Have a Nice Day"
I don't know if you know this, but the eastern stretch of Superior Street (as in past the Highway 61 Expressway linkup) is primarily dirt and positively 50 mph up until its terminus near McQuade. It's like being back in Cuyuna Country!

Oh, yeah ... the point of all this: The Stereophonics sound almost seems tailor-made for such driving conditions.

21. The Tisdales - "Lovin' Arms of Life"
Speaking of "the old country" (aka Crow Wing County), this holy roller from Rich Mattson (Ol' Yeller/The Glenrustles) and Tony Derrick (Giljunko/Hotel Coral Essex) is strictly pickup-truck material.

By the way, like the group's oh-so-beloved debut album "Bakers' Dozen," the new one, "Out with the New," also deserves nine thumbs up.

Thus concludes your sixty-eighth dose of SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES, the awesome mix tape series formerly known as "Don't Tell a Soul." I hope you enjoyed yourself to no end.

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