Thursday, April 23, 2009


For this very special* awesome mix tape, I've decided to unveil this blog's new direction: musical discovery. Now, instead of simply "listening" to me ramble on about my current favorite songs, you can actually hear samples of them and, if you like what you hear, purchase them on the fly. However, since A) Amazon's MP3 store doesn't have EVERYTHING and B) sometimes (always) free is more fun, following the widget below you'll find a list of all this mix tape's selections and, whenever available, links to free, artist-sanctioned downloads. (I suppose kids with craptastic Internet connections will appreciate Clause A as well....)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new Fly High, Duluth!

1. Arcade Fire - "Lenin"

2. R.E.M. - "I Took Your Name"

3. Drugmoney - "Small Thinking"

4. Pearl Jam - "Corduroy"

5. The Rosenbergs - "Crockett & Tubbs"

6. Cloud Cult's Craig Minowa - "Gonzo Science" unlisted track [other MP3]

7. Fischerspooner - "Supply & Demand" [D.I.M. Remix] [MP3]

8. Wu-Tang Clan - "Method Man" [Live at Montreux] [MP3]

9. Les Claypool - "Mushroom Men" [MP3]

10. Sloan - "I Can't Sleep"

11. Jay Reatard - "Oh It's Such a Shame"

12. Avett Brothers - "Matrimony" [MP3]

13. The Breeders - "Fate to Fatal" [MP3]

14. The City Champs - "Takin' State"

15. Black Lips - "I'll Be with You"

16. Dave Matthews Band - "Funny How It Is"

17. The Rentals - "Story of a Thousand Seasons Past" [MP3]

18. The Long Winters - "Pushover" [MP3]

19. I Was a King - "Norman Bleik" [MP3]

20. Braid - "The New Nathan Detroits"

21. Death Cab for Cutie - "Kicked In" [Superchunk cover] [*]

22. Decibully - "Tables Turn"

*Turning 50, of course!

Thus concludes your fiftieth dose of SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES, the awesome mix tape series formerly known as "Don't Tell a Soul."


w.dizzo said...

where are your comments? I want to read what you have to say about your mixtape selections. That was totally my favorite part of the blog

TR said...

I rise to heartily second the motion of my friend, the good DJ from KUWS. Your comments are my favorite part of the blog as well.