Monday, April 6, 2009


From "30 Rock": "I'm gonna make you a mix tape you like Phil Collins?"
"I've got two ears and a heart, don't I?"

1. Double Dagger - "The Lie/The Truth" [MP3] said it best: Baltimore's Double Dagger keeps the rhythms pummeling and the energy set on explosive. [Emphasis added by yours truly.]

2. Ben Lee - "What's So Bad (About Feeling Good)?"
The ultimate pop song? I think so. Fly High, Duluth!'s favorite Aussie returns with the perfect single, floating somewhere between Afropop and George Harrison's Traveling Wilburys contributions.

3. Prince - "(There'll Never B) Another Like Me"
The Purple One is back with his best album in ages ("MPLSoUND") and, for good measure, another one ("LOtUSFLOW3R") thrown in for next to nothing. (I'm trying to pretend the third disc in the $11.98 Target-exclusive set, Bria Valente's "Elixer," even exists....)

4. Atmosphere - "Hair"
A staple of these here awesome mix tapes, this "God Loves Ugly" classic finds Slug in prime storytelling mode. That ending never gets old.

5. Mark Mallman - "Death Wish" [MP3]
... And the driver of that pickup truck? Here's your answer.

6. Josh Freese - "I Don't Think That's OK" [MP3]
The drummer that's worked on more records than just about anybody in the history of rock 'n' roll (besides being a member of A Perfect Circle, he's also collaborated with Nine Inch Nails, Ween, the Martinis, etc.) is now on the frontlines. And? And ... it rocks. You can almost smell the fuzz.

7. Mr. Oizo - "Positif"
The most fascinating "techno" album I've heard in years. Will completely suck you in.

8. Franz Ferdinand - "No You Girls" [The Rogue Element Remix] [MP3]
That said, this is the single most exciting remix I think I've ever heard. It starts out innocent enough, almost like a long-lost Foghat romper, then utterly turns your cerebellum into a nest. The parasite has landed.

9. Evangelicals - "Skeleton Man" [MP3]
Pure (dream-haunting) beauty.

10. White Hinterland - "Dreaming of the Plum Trees" [MP3]
A little too whimsical at times, but, were I to lose my mind, I can see this playing in the mental ward. And me smiling, ever so knowingly. (Sorry, just watched "Choke." Still trying to digest its flaws.)

11. The Pixies - "Motorway to Roswell"
Weirdly enough, "Trompe le Monde" was my first Pixies disc. That probably explains why I love Frank Black's solo career so much.

12. Tokyo Police Club - "Juno" [MP3]
I know I'm the last music geek in America to fall in love with these guys, so I'll save my energy.

13. These are Powers - "Life of Birds" [MP3]
All the excitement of a high school pep rally and your first bad trip rolled into one. (Kidding! Totally kidding....)

14. Thunderheist - "Space Cowboy"
Remember what I said about Mr. Oizo? I feel the same way about this amazing group, which combines the best aspects of disco and nameless, faceless dance music with unrivaled electronic soundscapes. (I'll say more when I finally get around to reviewing their impossibly good disc.)

15. Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains - "By Cover of Night (Fire Fight)" [MP3]
Speaking of reviews, I really enjoyed SG's recent solo adventure. After comparing the Death From Above 1979 member's record to those of his fellow countrymen in Hot Hot Heat (he's Canadian), I went on to applaud this catchy track's Pixies-esque post-punk sheen. Good listening, no matter who or what you compare it to.

16. Ladyfinger (ne) - "Little Things" [MP3]
Measured, radio-ready* Nebraska rock 'n' roll.

17. Art Vandalay - "If You Love Me"
Some people are so nice. Like Art Vandalay's Brandon Henry: "Thanks for the great review! I was absolutely flattered." Flattered ... really? When you're the second coming of Neil Young, you should be expecting kind words to flow your way!

18. The Honeydogs - "Sunshine Committee"
During that same review column, I handed over the keys to the city to the Honeydogs as well. I don't regret it one bit: These Twin Cities mainstays are making all of our other favorite bands look bad with their unfailing consistency.

19. The Donkeys - "Walking Through a Cloud" [MP3]
Like John Fogerty and Stephen Stills but afraid those two classic rock dinosaurs don't allow for enough street cred with that cute girl at the local record shop? Well then, try on the Donkeys for size. Your secret's safe with me, buddy boy.

20. Hayden - "Home by Saturday" [MP3]
Finally, Hayden is proof that this world can never have enough country-leaning ballads that are written for/on the road. Jackson Browne would be so proud.

*If, and only if, people like KUWS's Walt Dizzo ruled the airwaves.

Thus concludes your forty-seventh dose of SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES, the awesome mix tape series formerly known as "Don't Tell a Soul."

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