Tuesday, December 30, 2008

sys36 :: LOOKING OUT FOR NO. 1

Year-end jitters notwithstanding, I am optimistic about 2009 and our new president. To celebrate, some more songs I strongly urge you to at least listen to:

1. Johnny Berlin - "Bender Parts" [LISTEN HERE]
A song I really wish we would've had time for on Walt Dizzo's "Best of 2008" show on KUWS, as I'm sure he (and his loyal audience) would've appreciated it and *ahem* I ran out of room on my year-end lists in the Budgeteer to properly honor this terrific Belgian group. Like a danceable Grnd Ntl Brnds <- if that means anything to anyone that's not me.... 2. Of Montreal - "An Eluardian Instance"
And here's a song from an album that did make said lists.

3. P.O.S. - "Goodbye" [MP3]
P.O.S.'s upcoming release, "Never Better," will surely be one of 2009's best ...

4. Lady Sovereign - "I Got You Dancing" [MP3]
and Lady Sov's new one (I think it's called "Jigsaw") will surely be one of the year's funnest.

5. Department of Eagles - "Teenagers"
Not to dwell on those year-end lists, but here's a great song from a record I wish I had gotten to spend a little more time with. Like a more-relaxed "Pet Sounds," but with oh-so-much soul!

6. Eef Barzelay - "Could Be Worse"
Stop crying, Clem Snide groupies, Eef's solo albums are just as good.

7. Fountains of Wayne - "Valley Winter Song"
Recently heard in L.L.Bean's holiday commercials. But don't hold that against Adam Schlesinger and company.

8. Marc Gartband - "The New Seventeen"
A memorable little ditty about growing old (well, turning 33...) from *let me clear my throat, really obnoxiously* my pick for the Northland's No. 1 album of 2008.

9. Cloud Cult - "Story of the Grandson of Jesus"
"Story of the Grandson of Donald Perrine" would've hit closer to home, but its appeal probably wouldn't have been as broad....

10. Alkaline Trio - "In Vein"
I haven't been keeping up with these guys, but this frenetic track from '08 sure makes me regret that. A must-hear!

11. Mark Lindquist - "Hey Buddy"
Here's what Mark Lindquist told the Duluth News Tribune's Christa Lawler about this track, aka one of the best reasons to pick up the second Homegrown compilation: “The backup band is Baby Grant and Rich Mattson and it’s the first time all three of us had played on the same song together. There’s no album to go buy (it's exclusive to "Homegrown Rawk and/or Roll: Lindquist's Mix"). It just kind of seemed to fit there right in the middle.”

12. The Long Winters - "Carparts"
This may be the Green Fairy talking, but I swear you can hear "hey, buddy" being muttered at the beginning of this one too. Odd.

13. Alva Star - "Thing for Me"
Anywho, another sick (I must apologize for using that word, but I've been watching a lot of "Epicly Later'd" of late) track from Storyhill and (Olympic) Hopefuls golden god John Hermanson. Power pop in its purest form.

14. Supergrass - "Rebel in You"
Complements "Thing for Me" expertly.

15. Jimi Hendrix - "Little Miss Strange"
I'm not crazy: Vocal duties on this Cream-esque curiosity were handled by Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding. Maybe I should be paying more attention to their post-Hendrix careers.

16. DJ Muggs - "John Lennon vs. Inspectah Deck" [MP3]
"Cold Turkey," one of my favorite Lennon tracks, gets the mash-up treatment and, somehow, it works.

17. Kritical Kontact - "New and Improved"
I can't wait; Bliss recently told me that Kritical Kontact plans to do a couple tracks with Just Some Cat, probably the Duluth scene's best-kept secret.

18. team9 vs. Stereogum - "B.F. Meets T.I." [MP3]
From Stereogum's excellent free team9 album "MySplice III," which can be downloaded in its entirety here. (By the way, this track is an entertaining mash-up of Ben Folds and Regina Spektor's "You Don't Know Me" and T.I.'s "U Don't Know Me." They surprisingly work really well together.)

19. Hot Panda - "Cold Hands, Chapped Lips" [LISTEN HERE]
I'm calling it now: Canada's "It" band in '09. After hearing this gorgeous track, you won't disagree. Really, how could I be wrong with this one?

20. BLK JKS - "Lakeside" [MP3]
Johannesburg's BLK JKS is a perfect band to introduce your TV on the Radio-fancying friends to, and, since their "Mystery" EP is free right now on Other Music and eMusic, you should really do them a solid and let them know. Quick-like, though!

21. The Tisdales - "Like a Horse"
Going back to Mark Lindquist words of wisdom, I loved what he told me about this group for the very-special Budgeteer story "What the Mayor and Other Northlanders Liked in '08": "The Tisdales’ ‘Baker’s Dozen’ really captured a great old-school rock and roll sound for me."

22. Doug Hoekstra - "Disrepair"
I may have said this before, but ... for the uninitiated, Hoekstra is a Nashville singer/songwriter who’s so good at what he does that he makes crafting a perfect set of folk rock songs seem effortless.

Thus concludes your thirty-sixth dose of SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES, the awesome mix tape series formerly known as "Don't Tell a Soul."

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sk8slow said...

Great Seeing Eef top your list. And Yes, his solo stuff IS just as good.
I'm the project Manager for the new Clem Snide record Eef's original band which is now back together. If you're a fan and wanna help us out a little bit with our viral campaign I'd be happy to send you some materials, free CD, buttons posters all that fun stuff. Contact me on here or at bruce@slgmusicus.com Cheers!