Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fly High, Duluth! Mix Tape 2011.8 :: NOBODY EVER DROWNED IN SWAY

Submitted for the approval of the Mix Tape Appreciation Society, here lies ... "Nobody Ever Drowned in Sway." Enjoy at maximum volume.

1. Sparklehorse - "Happy Place"
For fans of the word "plaintive."

2. We Are Scientists - "Ghouls"
For fans of songs Cars & Trucks (or at least frontman Anthony "Tony" Bennett) should cover.

3. The Flaming Lips - "Ice Drummer"
For fans of obscure lo-fi gems from bands that continually redefine "hi-fi."

4. Atmosphere - "Smart Went Crazy" (Current vers.)
For fans of hip-hop from "The Mini Apple," harmonica breakdowns.

5. The Secret Handshake - "Summer of '98"
For fans of Hot Topic kids who have been remixed by Doomtree's P.O.S.

6. The Black Crowes - "A Conspiracy"
For fans of classic rock 'n' roll that finds its groove and sticks with it.

7. The Clash - "Police and Thieves"
For fans of classic punk rock that *ahem* finds its groove and sticks with it.

8. Sloan - "Follow the Leader"
For fans of Canada ... yo!

9. Dax Pierson - "Mad Man is Passing"
For fans of slightly hypnotic indie rock.

10. Miss Kittin - "Meet Sue Be She"
For fans of cars. And girls. And girls in cars.

11. The Zutons - "Secrets"
For fans of majestic throwback rock.

12. Sean Na Na - "Washington"
For fans of musty, dour Sonic Youth "basement noodlings."

13. All Smiles - "Diana's Throne"
For fans of the iced-over sides of Grandaddy and Modest Mouse.

14. Smith Westerns - "End of the Night"
For fans of 10cc, The Current (the radio station).

15. Cibo Matto - "About a Girl" (Nirvana cover)
For fans of the Cardigans' lounge-y cover of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man."

16. Thee Druggles - "Forkhead"
For fans of obscure bands (influenced by "underground streams and tributaries," no less) that your collection shouldn't be without.

17. David Byrne - "Gypsy Woman" (Live in Italy)
For fans of Talking Heads, Minneapolis' Best Friends Forever.

18. The Cubby Creatures - "Last Chance"
For fans of free music that doesn't suck (!).

19. Soundgarden - "Let Me Drown" (Live in Del Mar)
For fans of rock music.

20. Caesars - "We Got to Leave"
For fans of gloriously infectious music that's just golden.

21. Z - "Lucky Jones"
For fans of Alice in Chains (but only vaguely), Zappa spawn.

22. Ben Lee - "Float On" (Modest Mouse cover)
For fans of the Bens, covers that don't try to hard (but end up sounding perfect anyway).

... What side of your town has the coldest wind?

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