Friday, March 11, 2011

Fly High, Duluth! Mix Tape 2011.6 :: DREW DANBURRY'S RECORD CLUB (PART 1)

A few months ago beloved indie rocker Drew Danburry shared lists of his favorite songs, categorized in a number of pretty-broad "genres" (stuff that feels like dance music, stuff that feels like oldies, etc.). Anyway, I took him up on his offer, listening to what makes his world go 'round. Instead of just reprinting those lists here, I decided to "pay it forward," if you will, and select my favorites from Danburry's favorites. I started with the "dance" collection -- though, as you'll soon find out, this batch of songs is sometimes only slightly related to the dance genre. Anyway, without further ado: Submitted for the approval of the Mix Tape Appreciation Society, here lies ... the first installment of "Drew Danburry's Record Club." Enjoy at maximum volume.

1. Andrew W.K. - "I Get Wet"

2. The Faint - "Worked Up So Sexual"

3. Reggie and the Full Effect feat. Fluxuation - "Mood 4 Luv"

4. Chromeo - "Needy Girl"

5. Annie - "Chewing Gum"

6. Of Montreal - "The Party's Crashing Us"

7. Drew Danburry - "Dinwiddie" (Josef Lincoln Remix)

8. Blur - "Girls and Boys"

9. Bloc Party - "Helicopter"

10. Ladyhawke - "Magic"

11. The Faint - "Glass Danse"

12. Weezer - "Hash Pipe" (Jimmy Pop Remix)

13. Le Tigre - "Deceptacon"

14. Beastie Boys - "Intergalactic"

15. Q-Feel - "Dancing in Heaven"

16. Goldfrapp - "Ooh La La"

17. Built by Snow - "All the Weird Kids Know"

18. Fischerspooner - "Never Win"

19. Erasure - "A Little Respect"

20. Mr. Fusion and the Flux Capacitor - "Lightspeed"

21. Joel Plaskett - "Television Set"*

22. The Postal Service - "Such Great Heights"

*Unrelated bonus track not included on Danburry's original list. (I'm sorry I cheated, everyone, but I just can't get enough of this Plaskett classic!)

Note to business owners: Perhaps the most self-defeating thing you can put in ad copy is  quotes around "savings."

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Drew Danburry said...

awesome! thank you! So glad you are sharing the love!