Thursday, January 28, 2010

sys63 :: PITHY & DYNAMIC

Submitted for the approval of the Mix Tape Appreciation Society, I humbly present ... "Pithy & Dynamic":


1. Beulah - "Score from Augusta"
In anticipation of Beulah frontman Miles Kurosky's upcoming, highly anticipated solo debut on Majordomo, I thought I'd return to his larger-than-life, hard-to-beat roots.

2. Tenacious D - "Master Exploder"
A nod to one of those fake-plastic-guitar games for getting me hooked on this hilariously rockin' tune from Jack Black and Kyle Gass.

3. Dios - "See How They Run" [FREE MP3]
Forever and always one of the world's most underrated bands. Download their free new "single" (actually two songs) on Buddyhead and find out what you're missing.

4. Doomtree - "Coup for the Kings"
From the Twin Cities' pre-eminent hip-hop collective comes one of the most addictive "joints" of all time, featuring rhymes by Sims and P.O.S. and beats by the infallible Lazerbeak (who was *trivia time* the frontman for the now-defunct Plastic Constellations).

5. Bran Van 3000 - "Rainshine"
Canada, you've finally made up for "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You."

6. RJD2 feat. Kenna - "Games You Can't Win"
I like RJD2, I do, but what really drew me to this lush soundscape was the addition of Neptunes/N*E*R*D-supported singer Kenna. He really deserves more fans.

7. New Vaudeville Band - "Winchester Cathedral"
Recently heard on one of those cheesy TIME LIFE collections that have infomercials that religiously play after "Saturday Night Live" on those dreary Sunday mornings. Oh, the small hours....

8. Mos Def - "Quiet Dog"
I didn't think I'd ever call myself a Mos Def fan after the dreadful "The New Danger" (which had less than a handful of memorable tracks), but my favorite DJ, KUWS's Walt Dizzo, told me "The Ecstatic" was well worth my time. Was he right? He always is, man.

9. Cordalene - "Last Breakup" [Live on WPRB]
Of all the largely-unheard-of bands I champion, this is one of my all-time favorites. Right up there with Dealership. Oh, that's right. So take a listen and see what you think; fans of the Pixies' more melodic, less angst-y moments should find much to love here.

10. Mason Jennings - "Nothing" [Live]
Though this track's "parent" EP, "Living in the Moment," is somewhat hard to come by, I'm sure glad I picked one up when I had a chance. (Especially since it was signed by Mason himself!)

11. Decembers Architects - "Peloria"
One of the great, now-defunct bands that emerged from the St. Cloud-by-way-of-MPLS scene that gave us Nothing Jive About Jupiter/reru (and, eventually, Best Friends Forever), Building Better Bombs (yep, that P.O.S. "side project"), the Plastic Constellations and ... I know I'm forgetting a few names, but, if you like real math rock, I know you're going to dig this.

12. Dashboard Confessional - "Don't Wait"
And ... I don't know what to say for myself right now, but I find this overtly "pretty" song hard to resist. My apologies.

13. The Wannadies - "Little by Little"
Back on track, here's one of my favorite Swedish groups. Refer to what I said about Cordalene if you want to get a feel for why I love these guys oh so.

14. The Red Hot Valentines - "You Sang to Me"
Like Motion City Soundtrack, these guys took their Weezer pills growing up, ran with it and made something rather enjoyable out of it. It's hard not to smile when you hear stuff this delightfully poppy.

15. Supergrass - "Nothing More's Gonna Get in My Way"
Fresh off my review of Gaz Coombes and Danny Goffey's cover band Hot Rats for the Budgeteer, I thought it prudent to pay a little respect to the group which allowed them to record such a vanity (though highly entertaining) side project.

16. Botch - "Spaim"
Not to steal Brick Tamland's thunder or anything, but ... "LOUD NOISES!"

17. Nirvana - "Dumb"
Compared to Botch, this is f------ Beethoven.

18. Pedro the Lion - "I Am Always the One Who Calls"
David Bazan's "Curse Your Branches" made my top albums of 2009 for the Budgeteer, and here he is shining with his former mates in Pedro the Lion. Love it.

19. Superdrag - "My Prayer"
It's funny; had the boys in Superdrag not decided to cover this one up with blown-out amp fuzz, they would've had quite a nice ballad on their hands. Oh, well, at least we have this one.

20. The Bouncing Souls - "Say Anything"
Always one of my favorite band names and ... wanna know a secret? I'm pretty sure this is the first time these punk faves have made one of these here mix tapes. And I've only made about 12,000 of them, so I'm feeling kind of bad right now.

21. Self - "Fliptop Box"
All hail the mighty Matt Mahaffey!

22. Pain - "Adam's Apple"
Found this gem on a random ska-punk compilation my girlfriend gave me. Lord only knows why she had it, but I'm sure glad she did.

23. Fuzzbubble - "Don't Let it Get You Down"
Like Redd Kross? So do these guys, apparently. I love it!

24. Major Lazer - "Pon de Floor"
Another must-hear '09 track introduced to me by Sir Walt Dizzo. Thanks again, man; my apologies to Michna, but there is no sound sweeter than Diplo and Switch fiddling around in the studio.

25. The Revolution Smile - "I Wish I"
A bittersweet masterpiece in the key of Failure. Melancholy never tasted so optimistic. (By the way, this is the version from "We Are in This Alone," not "Above the Noise." I don't know if there is a difference, but one can only assume since they are two very different records.)

Thus concludes your sixty-third dose of SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES, the awesome mix tape series formerly known as "Don't Tell a Soul."

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