Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Awesome Mix Tape #62 (in the shake*your*shores series)

Submitted for the approval of the Mix Tape Appreciation Society, I humbly present "Angels Live in My Town."

1. Everclear - "White Noise"
The hidden track on "Slow Motion Daydream" and, coincidentally, the best thing about that release besides its cover.

2. The Pink Spiders - "Back to the Middle"
For those of us who fell head over heels in love with Handsome Devil (there's 12 of us), this is a nice reminder of how a little sugary power pop can brighten one's day.

3. The Killers - "Sweet Talk"
Some more dreamy goodness from the love-'em-or-hate-'em Vegas boys.

4. The Watson Twins - "Savin' You"
Majestic sentimental rock. Fit for royalty and/or the princess in your life.

5. Islands - "Vapours"
What I said then: "This grooves like old-school Elvis Costello and the Attractions, and then there’s that brazen brass section … I’m starting to subscribe to Diamonds’ assertion that “Islands are forever.” These tracks will surely be pumping on my stereo for years to come.

Another chance accolade: This is the best title track in some time.."

What I'm sayin' now: "Ditto, kiddo."

6. Boys Noize - "Jeffer"
Likewise, I've said my words about this group (and how I couldn't imagine listening to this outside of a rave-type situation) and ... while my thoughts haven't changed, I just want to reiterate that I appreciate what they're doing. Even if I wouldn't put it on if the queen came over....

7. Ash - "Return of White Rabbit" [Free MP3]
This song was written by Mark Hamilton. How random is that?

8. Colourmusic - "You Can Call Me By My Name"
Note to self: When you're giving a girl ride home for the first time -- and you want to see said girl again -- maybe this song, aka the quirkiest slice of heaven I ever did hear, isn't the one you want to put on after saying, "Oh yeah, I have 'normal' tastes when it comes to movies, music and beer." Not that I've ever been in that situation or anything....

9. The Phenomenal Handclap Band - "15 to 20 (Den Haan Remix)"
Nor is this one. It's funky enough, but it's kind of trance-inducing. She might think you're into purple pills or something.

10. Zack Martin - "The Trapper" [FREE MP3]
I was just about to write about this song's magical cinematic quality. But then I remembered it was used in "The Way We Get By."

Can I retire yet? I'm certainly already at that losing-my-mind stage....

11. Weezer - "In the Mall"
Anyway, back to the platter at hand. -> This little doozy, written by drummer Patrick Wilson, is exactly what you would expect from the genius behind the Special Goodness: Pure bliss. That's right; write off Weezer's "Raditude" all you want, but then you'd miss out on this *ahem* special goodness. Fool.

12. The Mother Hips - "White Falcon Fuzz"
Why aren't these guys huge rock stars yet? Selling out stadiums left and right, yeah? If you know anyone who can't get beyond classic rock, let this be the first "new" band you play for them. Chances are they won't hate life so much anymore.

13. Built to Spill - "Hindsight"
Doug Martsch can do no wrong. He's not quite at "golden god" status in my mind, but "can do no wrong" fits him pretty well, don't you think?

14. Atmosphere - "Mattress"
Funny, sexy and ... actually kind of sleazy. Ha!

15. Bob Dylan - "To Ramona"
This selection tracks back to my interview with Iron Range artist Nancy Miller. She's a huge Dylan fan now, sure, but it took this vintage composition to win her over: "I felt that the song really spoke to me of the heartache and loss I felt leaving Minneapolis, the friends and the dreams that I thought I had when I was living there. I truly gained respect for his work right then and there, and I really have adored his writing from that point on," she told me during a recent Budgeteer interview.

16. Breathe Owl Breathe - "Linda"
Kind of sleepy. Getting sleepy....

17. The Pixies - "Manta Ray"
But not for long, because I have this spaz-tacular Pixies B-side to help pick up my dance party's mood, pace and overall vibage.

18. Cars & Trucks - "Too Bad So Sad"
The most exciting to happen to rock 'n' roll since "New Jersey." ha ha ha (Anyway, for the Budgeteer's "Behind the Music" special on this song and accompanying album, visit this here linkeroo.)

19. Beulah - "Silver Lining"
Unlike Doug Martsch, Beulah's outspoken ringleader, Miles Kurosky, attained golden god status long ago. How? By uttering the words "Fuck Bob Dylan" (in the opening scenes of the band's documentary DVD, "A Good Band is Easy to Kill," no less). I'm a huge Bob fan, but, man, even I have to admit that takes guts.

20. Sloan - "Last Time in Love"
So true. And, surprisingly, it's a wonderful feeling!

21. Marching Band - "For Your Love"
If Rogue Wave were an '80s band, they probably would've sounded exactly like this. Makes me want to go back in time and attend North Dakota State University before Facebook was around to remove any sense of mystery.

22. Dressy Bessy - "Princess"
I thought I missed Denver. That was until I spun this hearty little fuzzbox. Now I just wanna get in my car and drive, drive, drive. Way out west is where my heart is.

23. Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - "Contrabando de Amor"
Haven't heard from these guys in a while. Starting to think that was a major oversight.

24. Gogol Bordello - "Wonderlust King" [Live at the BBC]
Another big thanks to Sir Walt Dizzo for introducing me to this rambunctious-as-f--- number. Cheers!

Thus concludes your sixty-second dose of SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES, the awesome mix tape series formerly known as "Don't Tell a Soul." Hope you enjoyed it!

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