Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hope I don't miss Side 1 of Van Halen's 'Van Halen'!

Vinyl makes return to the commercial radio airwaves in the Northland

December 3rd marks the triumphant return of vinyl to the commercial radio airwaves in Duluth/Superior.

KHQG-FM “The Northland’s Classic Rock 102.5” has unveiled Album Side Thursday, a new feature that will debut Thursday, December 3rd at 9am following The Bob and Tom Show. From 9am until Midnight, entire rock LP album sides will be played without interruption on a real turntable.

“It will be a thrill to dust off some of the greatest albums of all time and drop the needle on the record. I can guarantee the studio will be filled with folks young and old marveling at the fact that we are spinning records on the air”, said 102.5 Program Director Brian Wheeler. “We can’t wait to hear the reaction from rock fans and vinyl-heads alike.” Classic Rock 102.5 is taking listeners’ suggestions for album sides at

This is the first Album Side Thursday , but there is a strong possibility for this to be a semi-regular feature. “It’s a treat for our listeners. Like any treat, you don’t want to make a steady diet of it”, said Brian Wheeler. “We’ll gauge the reaction and respond accordingly. I truly hope Northlanders enjoy listening to Album Side Thursday as much as we’ll enjoy providing it for them.”

~Information courtesy 102.5 and, yes, side one of Van Halen's self-titled debut was the first thing I requested for this cool new program

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