Wednesday, June 3, 2009

sys53 :: OSTEY.

Like "Song(s) 4 Klang" before it, this special installment of SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES was custom-made for a friend of mine. The lucky recipient? Amy Oster, my former secretary (OK, OK, assistant editor) at the NDSU Spectrum. -> Long story short: I would've succeeded in running that thing into the ground had it not been for her. That meddling do-gooder. I kid, I kid; she's a good friend. But she's also a future lawyer of America and loves god-awful pop music, so consider this her education ... education in being a pompous, artf--- music geek like me. (Honesty is divine, no?)

Kidding aside, I hope you enjoy her selections as well.

1. Santogold - "Lights Out"
This Walt Dizzo-approved gem has been getting a lot of mainstream exposure of late -- thanks to a Target commercial or something -- so I thought it'd be a nice one to ease her into the (potentially frightening) listening experience.

2. Matt & Kim - "Don't Slow Down"
Undeniable ear candy. And I know Amy likes another one of the Mates of State-reminiscent duos (I won't name names, because I think they are embarrassing...), so chances are this one's another "sure shot." [BONUS FUN: Read my review of M&K's "Grand" here.]

3. Mason Jennings - "Your New Man" [Live]
Amy became like a sister to me during our short time together at the paper, and the part of this song where Mason playfully mocks an old flame's new guy reminds me of how I felt about someone's less-than-agreeable college sweetheart.

4. Stuart Davis - "Already Free"
Two reasons for this selection: It's a great pop song (always appreciated) and *ahem* I just have to pimp out the fact that I interviewed Mr. Davis!

5. The Evening Rig - "In Spite of All that Happened"
Amy grew up in small-town North Dakota, so I'll just assume she digs freewheelin' songs that are best described as -- oh no, here comes another piece of shameless self-promotion -- "dirt-road driving music."

6. American Hi-Fi - "The Breakup Song"
Again, someone carelessly admitted that he/she liked embarrassing pop music (in this case the All-American Rejects), so I thought I'd introduce her (oops...) to something along those same lines that is, against all odds, incredibly valid and worthy of inclusion in anyone's record collection.

7. Atmosphere - "Reflections"
Like L.L. before him, Slug knows how to write songs for the ladies.

8. Smoosh - "Rock Song"
Crazy, infectious pop from two bubbly sisters who aren't even old enough to buy a pack of smokes legally. (At least they weren't at the time of this song's recording.)

9. LadyHawke - "Crazy World"
As I've mentioned repeatedly, Amy's tastes are unapologetically steeped in the pop scene, so I hunted down the most outlandish pieces I've ever fallen in love with -- and LadyHawke's output accounts for about half of those tracks.

10. The Coup - "Everythang"
Sure, this could easily be slipped into a dance party playlist (like Liz Lemon on "30 Rock," Amy's No. 1 hobby is impromptu dance parties), but I also included it because I thought it would be hilarious to have a future lawyer "bumping" around the Peace Garden State listening to militant hip-hop.

11. Beck - "Girl"
Well, she is a girl. Only appropriate, right?

12. Anya Marina - "Cut it Out"
OMG I love Anya so much that I'm not afraid to use "OMG" when describing that love.

And something tells me Amy will dig her just as much as I.

13. Basement Jaxx feat. J.C. Chasez - "Plug it In"
This is a perfect track for Ostery: half dance party, half s----- pop. (har har har)

14. The Posies - "Second Time Around"
I've always been a semi-dedicated fan of the Posies ... and then I heard this. <- Will make a believer out of any soul with a working pair.

15. The Flys - "Got You (Where I Want You)"

I feel pretty embarassed to be so moved by this song, so ... it's probably right up Amy's alley then, right? Ha, I kid.

A little too much, perhaps.

Do you think I have her crying yet?*

16. Brad - "La, La, La"
A little rock 'n' roll trivia for my fellow geeks out there: This song used to be called "Be with Me." Maybe it sounded too lame for an awesome power pop song?

17. Flickerstick - "Got a Feeling"
Emotional music (and I don't mean "emo," jackasses) hasn't sounded this sincere since the '80s. God I miss the '80s.

18. Jamestown Story - "Love vs. Life"
Speaking of wearing hearts on sleeves and whatnot, former Duluthian Dane Schmidt -- who/m** I've had the pleasure of interviewing (imagine that...) -- is right up there with Flickerstick for producing "Dawson's Creek"-worthy songs you're not embarrassed to put on mix tapes for friends.

19. Motion City Soundtrack - "Point of Extinction"
As it turns out, Dane is now tight with the boys from MCS, and I believe Ostey will appreciate their high-energy bottle rockets just as much as yours truly.

20. Michael Franti & Spearhead - "Life in the City"
Come on, who doesn't like Spearhead? Sincerely.

21. Ben Lee - "Into the Dark"
I wanted to use his great new track "I Love Pop Music," but that just seemed too obvious. (Don't worry, this one's just as lovely.) [BONUS FUN: Lee's new LP, "The Rebirth of Venus," was praised as one of the albums to restore your faith in recorded sound. Read why.]

22. Brian Wilson - "Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long"
OK, I was just being selfish with this selection. I've been listening to it a lot lately and I didn't want to forget to include it on one of these here awesome mix tapes. Regardless, only a bona fide devil woman wouldn't appreciate the visionary Beach Boy's solo output!

*I sure hope not. She could sue the s--- out of me.

**Ostey, help me out; is it "who" or "whom." I'm sinking without my AP-enhanced "secretary" by my side!

Thus concludes your fifty-third dose of SHAKE*YOUR*SHORES, the awesome mix tape series formerly known as "Don't Tell a Soul."


Anonymous said...

Great list! I love Brad - that alcum came out a while ago right? Hey wanna tip you to a new artist you might like - her name is MEIKO - check out to hear some music - soooo good!

Amy O. said...

Absolutely love it!! Had a long car ride today and it was perfect. And it's whom -- I think.